Authority outperforming GTP II target Featured

10 Oct 2017

 The city road coverage has already reached 23.4 percent before the Second Growth and Transformation Plan ( GTP- II) come to an end in three year time . The plan is to raise the road coverage by 25 percent at the end of the reported period, said T'umay Woldegebriel Public Relations Head at Addis Ababa City Roads Authority.

The head told The Ethiopian Herald that the road coverage of Addis Ababa has now reached 6,256 Km. “ Calculating the total road length of the city has no use so long as the pertinent body and the city residents do not take the necessary measures to protect the roads as a whole from any possible damage.”

According to T'umay, the city 's pedestrian roads are being mostly misused by various stakeholders. As a result, they are causing massive traffic jam and road deterioration.

“The road users have to move freely in the city. But, roads are being occupied by various illegal activities like street trading, parking at the side of the road, enclosing pedestrian areas without legal permission and so on.”

Regarding Road Safety Laws and Regulations , he said the five regional offices of city have responsibility to oversee the road condition in the respective sub-cities and they as well bring the violator before court . “ We have already begun litigation and received compensation from those who have incurred damages to the roads and sidewalks . ”

In the efforts to beautify the city sidewalks, the authority has organized 35 Small and Medium Enterprises allocating over 100 million Birr, T'umay indicated.

As to this year’s plan , he noted that over 1000 Km roads would be built and renovated using latest technology like Road Condition Survey Vehicle. “ On the top of building new roads and carrying out road maintenance, there will be constructions of cobblestone streets in condominium housing projects and access roads in areas where transport seems impossible.”

It was learnt that the Authority has allotted 4.6 billion birr for this fiscal year.






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