Enforcing flag proclamation said critical

11 Oct 2017


Due to lack of law enforcement, various organizations have not been applying the proclamation of flag properly. Thus, the judiciary bodies should strive to make the public aware and enforce the law accordingly, said Zefania Alemu.

Zefania, a lawyer, said that when celebrating the Flag Day, it is decisive to give special consideration to raising the awareness of the public towards flag regulation in a bid to avoid misinterpretation of the proclamation.

Given that violating the flag proclamation means misinterpreting the meaning and symbolization of the flag, he said before adding, raising the awareness of the public can help reduce the misconception.

He also said that in some areas the flag doesn't have the exact color brightness as indicated by the proclamation and others also utilize flagpole that does not go hand in hand with the law.

Furthermore, he indicated that the national flag serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made, while these days it serves as a means to herald the renaissance the country is going through.

Indicating that the day is so special for judiciary bodies, he went on to say that we have to put the flag first in our mindset before enforcing the law.

Zefania finally said that celebrating flag day not only help strengthen our unity and contribute our share for the sustainable development of the country, but it is also help to raise awareness of the next generation towards the flag and the meaning it has.




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