Center proposes design to construct new building Featured

12 Oct 2017

Ethiopian National Cultural Center proposed design of the new building which is going to be constructed at a cost of seven million Birr sought to solve problems related to shortage of rooms and spaces for its services.

The building would lie on 34,500 square meters and incorporates museums, libraries, multipurpose hall, exhibition centre, theatre hall, artifact and music training rooms, shops and various offices among others, Centre Director General Dr. Elfinesh Haile tells The Ethiopian Herald.

She believes that the new building would enable the centre to archive and display the cultural heritages of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNPs).

“It is very supportive to promote various cultures and attract tourists probably helping the centre to generate income through exhibiting and visitations,” notes Dr. Elfinesh

It was also learnt that the design need to be reformed in a way it could incorporate some form of the country’s traditional architectural heritages, and open spaces for traditional sports.

Accepting the feedbacks, the Director General responds to participants that the design depicts the symbol of the nine states and cultural artifacts of various NNPs.

The first design of the building was displayed on Tuesday to various stakeholders and essential feedbacks were forwarded, it was noted.




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