When is it health institutions ask for blood? Featured

10 Mar 2018

Though various factors are attributable to the death of mothers, death due to bleeding takes the bigger slice. Regarding curbing this challenge hospitals and blood banks have their due role.

In order to allow hospitals and health institutions conduct blood transfusion, there are certain criteria they have to fulfill. Also they have to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
After fulfilling this criteria any governmental and non governmental Hospital or heath institutions could get blood and blood components from the Blood Bank for free. On their turn they have to give these gifts to patients for free.
Pertaining to handling the bleeding of mothers Blood Banks and health institutions have their respective roles to play. In sufficient amount Blood Banks should have safe and clean blood in store. They must also make blood and blood components available to Hospitals and Institutions. Hospitals and Health institutions on their part must be informed beforehand about a pregnant woman asking for delivery.
Establishing petty blood Banks in hospitals and health institutions, it is essential to wait alert. Also during check up if a pregnant woman is found in need of blood components, she must be referred to health institution or hospital where the delivery of such services is available.
If the absence of blood is confirmed other options must be performed before she starts bleeding.
What hospitals and health institutions should know is that petty blood banks they establish on their premises must not run out of blood.
With a vibrant information exchange network and strong clicking spirit hospitals and Blood Banks must downscale and gradually arrest the bleeding problem ascribable to 48% of the mortality rate witnessed in the country.
(Source Yedem Neger Publication of Ethiopian National Blood Transfusion Service. Story by Semeneh Atnafu, MD)

Translation By Alem Hailu


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