A good tongue is a good weapon Featured

13 May 2018

Without a shadow of a doubt, a good word has the power of melting anybody’s heart without difficulty. A word  borders on a foundation stone. It comes ahead of action. In due course, one can actualize one’s dream or hope. Several kinds of reflections are uttered by various people regarding the promise the premier made.

 Some people argue that an action should be preceded by a word. A lot of stories had been written pertaining to the importance of speech in the form of stories. Today, this writer would like to highlight one of the stories focusing on the significance of a good word.     

In the beginning, once, a king with his servants was paying a visit to a certain town.  As it happened, the king bumped upon an old man planting a fruit-bearing tree. Then the king surprisingly asked, “Why are you wasting your time? This seed takes more than a score of years to bear fruit. As we can see, you are too old and thus you are not going to see when the tree is laden with fruit.

This time, the old man answered, “Right you are!  I may not live until the seed bears fruit. Honestly speaking, people who used to live before us sowed seeds and we harvested the fruits. In our turn, we also plant a fruit tree for the coming ones. That is why, I am planting a fruit.”

The king grew to be very happy in the old man’s speech and ordered the servant to give him 400 Dinar. As the old man could not believe his eyes, he gave him a large smile. This time the king surprisingly asked the old man what made him simile.

“The fruit tree that I planted today will bear fruit later than twenty years. But the fruit of my words have begun bearing fruit now,” answered the old man.

As the king was very happy, he ordered another 400 Dinar for the old man for his good words. The old man smiled once again.

“Why are you smiling?” asked the king.

“When this fruit grows, it bears fruit once a year. But my good words or speech has borne fruit twice in not more than a minute.  As the king was very happy, he ordered another 400 Dinar for the old man and disappeared from the area in no time at all.

Surprised, one of the servants that followed the king why he came into this decesion.

 “Before this wise man’s good words are over, I could run out of my Dinars.” From this story one can easily understand the importance of a speech.

Recently, the newly elected Prime Minster had been crisscrossing different states of the country and the horn. Considering his speech, everybody was taken by surprise. In fact, a word is being succeeded by practice. That is what the premier is doing at this point in time.

Mesfin Getachew is a resident of Addis Ababa. He said, “The Primer is the right person for Ethiopia. He did the right thing for the country. We expect a lot from him. The country is heading on the right track. It is heading in the right direction at this point in time. Following his speech, there is peace and tranquility all over the place. We expect a lot from the premier. If truth be told, a word should come first. The premier has sown seeds of hope through his speech. Now, everything is over. He did the right thing. All and sundry is very happy at this point in time. We expect a lot from the premier. I do hope he will put his words into practice.” 

This writer also came across a senior citizen named Habtamu Geressu. He is a retired factory worker. He said, “The premier has made me feel infinitely happy through his words. I do believe, he will take Ethiopia to the pinnacle of success more than ever. He has promised to carry out a lot of tasks for his motherland.  He has placed much emphasis on Ethiopia. As I have understood from his words, he will make Ethiopia great again. He has raised a range of issues which were racking my mind for two decades and so.  I have the courage to say, he is the messenger of God. He has almost started putting his promises into action. His speech has won the hearts and minds of the general public. At the present time, he has been harvesting the fruit of success through his visits to neighboring countries.”



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