Phoenix Nirvana, a new lease of life-Step towards success by breaking through yourself

17 Jun 2017


An old myth is saying that the phoenix at the age of 500 years old would flew into fire burning itself into ashes, the flesh suffered from tremendous pains and trials,and then it attained its rebirth from the ashes with brilliance and immortality, so the whole process of destroying itself and rebirth is called Phoenix Nirvana, via nirvana the phoenix gained a new lease of life.

Phoenix Nirvana, bath in the raging fire, it is an extremely painful move, well, being aware of the suffering, why the phoenix still did so without hesitation? In my opinion, the ultimate purpose is to reshape itself by rebirth, put it more directly, it is a way of breaking through and eliminate the old self so as to regain a new self! As an ordinary person struggling in the realistic work or career, inevitably encountering bottleneck constraint could happen to anyone of us, at this moment how to exceed oneself and break through the bottleneck shall be a severe subject we cant dodge.

I am always thinking why those successful people are success? As they are unsatisfied with the status quo, they have their own ideals and goals, they want to break the current unsatisfactory status quo and progress forwards, not to be outdone, and then to be eliminated by others in fierce competition, then they take the initiative to eliminate themselves that could not keep up with the current trends, take the initiative to reshape themselves and break themselves, keep learning and improving, that is the key of success. Keep trying, what is called aim for the moon, even if you miss, you may hit the star.”

When your life comes into a dead end, your career is retarded from going upwards, your mindset is likely to be subjected to depression or restriction, it is time to adjust, settle yourself down in a calm state, establish a clear goal and define what do you want from the bottom of heart, a clear-cut definition of goal is important, assuming there was no a clear-cut direction, a person shall be like a headless fly running around in the same place, ultimately exhausting its energy and vanishing its direction.

In physics, we talk about inertia, in fact it also exists in humanity, people like to stay in their familiar areas, as it makes people feel safe and comfortable, they are reluctant to deal with unfamiliar things, to stay away from the unknown areas so as to not incur troubles or risks, that is understandable. Well as it comes to innovations and breaking through one’s limitations, the inertia shall become negative shackles. So, to step out of comfort zone, break the routine thinking and explore unfamiliar areas are essential to break through our own limitation and accomplish self-realization.

Here I’d like to advocate stereoscopic thinking, a thinking mode conducive to break routine, as we know for most of us are accustomed to linear thinking that is a straight line, one-way one-dimensional and lacking of changes and comprehensive viewpoints, in contrastthe stereoscopic thinking is non-linear and non-planar, when we view things we are supposed to analyze and see it from different perspectives, things are interconnected with many other related environments, so we might as well jump out of the box and our limitations, as my personal experience, the stereoscopic thinking is helpful for us to break routine thinking and gain success.

Well, after all no one wants to be a looser, everyone is striving for their prosperous and successful life, as one of you, I wish every friend could break through your own limitations, realize phoenix nirvana and achieve a successful life!


By Xu Chong


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