Salute social norms before the law

04 Sep 2017

The center is the virtue” so said Aristotle. Aristotle stated that the middle point is usually considered as modesty. Lexically speaking, in a linear line two extreme points contradict with each other. In other words, opposite physical elements are mostly lead towards collusion. By the same token, binary extreme viewpoints usually counter with religious commandments, human nature, social norms, universal moral values, golden rules, rule of law and public convictions.

Standing in extreme points makes lives worthless. In this regard, Socrates remarked that unexamined lives are worthless. This means that suffering, misery and temptation reach fellows in the hierarchy of righteous. To attain such status, emptiness is mandatory. Clear outlook that emanates from clear thinking is necessary. This underlines abiding by moral reasoning and judgment leads dedicated fellows into meaningful destinations of lives and fairness.

For instance, neither eating too much nor starvation are the two extreme points, which butt with the center-eat to live lifestyle. Living a balanced lifestyle makes your journey simple and purposeful. Being fair enables one to be selfless, compassionate, and benevolent. It as well enables one have sympathy, empathy and moral values. In this regard, Aristotle pointed out that virtuous people reach the high status of intelligence due to the fact that the virtuous observe any entity in different focal points and preservatives.

These people manage their lives in view of social convictions, traditions, norms and belief on free market place idea. Mostly open their doors for discussion and debates in order to obtain and prioritize solutions among alternative standpoints. They highly believe on the existence of supernatural powers and/or code of conducts. And they are fond of devoting themselves into humanitarian, social welfare and peace keeping missions. Moreover, they engage themselves in domestic, national and international affairs.

They are considered as catalysts, role models and community leaders who have untapped potential to bring social change in terms of socioeconomic arena at micro and macro levels. In addition, they are good at solving problems, resolving conflicts. They serve as spur in role of paradigm shift by taking homogenous habit, trend and culture into account. And they offer chances for cultural diffusion. Actually, culture is not only included norm and tradition but also having spirituality tactile.

There are several possible mechanism virtuous people use to cope up with conflict and moral dilemma. In the difficult scenarios, they act as mindful thinkers by utilizing theological, deontological and golden mean idealistic mechanisms. Among theological idealistic mechanism, cultural relativism and utility models are the best instances and means to eradicate identity and material conflicts respectively. While cultural relativism refers to collective standard public norms through neglecting subjectivism practices, utility model implies giving pleasure for the general public through avoiding pain.

Deontological idealistic mechanism has based on duty or obligatory morals. This mechanism never bargains with moral values, particularly, humanness and veracity. Most of primary ( constitution and law) and secondary( rules and regulation) laws emanated from deontological framework. This enables to prevent crimes, moral adulteration and decadence.

The last but not the least, the moral virtue (Golden mean) is one of the most accepted mechanisms that enable to table arguments in the stage of reconciliation, negotiation and arbitration desks. Such a mechanism contributes a lot in solving war at international levels. Aristotle mentioned that the middle is moderate, virtue and modesty. In order to be righteous, standing firm with socially acceptable norms and universal moral values helps a lot. It helps to be fairly judgmental, not to be inclined, biased and sided.

It is from Social norms law emanates . keeping and maintaining social norms have undeniable influence in avoiding conflict, reducing crime rates, stabilizing social and natural catastrophes, protecting comfort zones and peace of mind before the law. Respecting social norms make us to live with tolerance, hospitable, compromise and reserved conducts.

So, harnessing our age-old culture of peaceful coexistence, resolving conflicts and managing traditional knowledge Like the Gada system ,we can maintain the tranquility of our country essential to spur the ongoing multifaceted development underway




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