“Love, eat and pray”

12 Sep 2017

An Indian guru remarked “Love, eat and pray!” The three are main ingredients for human existence. This is not to mean survival of the fittest or emphasize the “consumerism” concept.

In other words, love is not considered as a virtue solely expressed in emotional attachment way. In this regard, the Chinese too state that when one loves one has to, love without attachments- love unconditionally. This means do not try to associate with emotional arousal intact like sex, beauty, fame, prestige, money and others. Love demands some sort of sacrifice at the expense of ones emotional and other selfish needs.

Love is a deadly pitiful in one's life. In other words, love is a spontaneous incident, not related with feeling and it demands rational thinking. Love is measured in terms of actual occurrences which take place among individuals, communities and interracial relations with no mechanical and environmental influences but pure sense. Purity is derived from clear perception and understanding having a momentum “feeling” and “thought”.

Food and other basic needs are decisive for human survival. Of course, food may prolong one's life. Nevertheless, it does not define one or who one is due to the fact that one is capable to live or extend a period of time without having food. Rather those, who live with definite destiny and journey, enjoy their lives without demanding more. It determines today, not the future existence because one time one will find oneself committed to the ground. Judgment is not upon body’s instinct thought but it is up to one's soul. As a matter of fact, in order to survive, one needs essential inputs to affirm one's existence on earth, not other dimension.

Prayer contributes a lot to attach one with oneself, others and with nature as well as Almighty God. Prayer tracks one to introspection. It helps one to interact with others in respect of core values. It connects one with nature in account of ecosystem combination. It also shows one direction to stick with Almighty God by having faith to see the unseen dimension. Praying makes one to be righteous by considering others' interest.

Therefore, it will be meaningful if we celebrate the ensuing of New Year with “genuine” mental state by taking traditional ways and having empathy and sympathy manners into consideration.

New Year indicates to people the direction to have meaningful and joyful life destinations. As such, while we irrigate oneself with all sorts of drinks and dishes let us not forget the needy who are pushed to the peripheries by the turbulent tide of life.

And New year is the right time to step up peace in the country among each other and with neighboring countries. It is time to add laurels to the country's exertion towards affluence exploiting the peace that is there.



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