03 Apr 2018

Referee Bamlak to officiate at 2018 Moscow World Cup

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian International referee Bamlak Tesema will officiate at the 2018 World Cup.
The world football governing body, FIFA, has selected 36 referees and 63 assistants for this global big event. The good thing about this selection is Bamlak is included among the 6 referees selected from Africa.
Bamlak said that this is the best opportunity one can get in life time as referee. “Our career is limited within 20 to 25 years margin. In this refereeing career getting a place to officiate in the World Cup is the ultimate reward. I managed to succeed this time. If Ethiopian referees work hard it is possible two or three international referees can get this great chance,” Bamlak said.
Despite the poor showing in the field of football, the country is now represented in the World Cup through Bamlak.

Berhanena Selam continue domination in Addis cycling race

ADDIS ABABA – The newly formed Berhanena Selam Enterprize cycling side continued their domination with a spectacular sweeping victory in the Coca Cola Addis Ababa cycling race that took place at Tsion Hotel-Wingate venue on Sunday.
In the men’s 42.9km course race Biniam Solomon of Berhanena Selam came out first to be followed by his compatriots Haile Awol and Samson Mintesnot to take all the top three places, in that order.
This kind of sweeping victory in their debut was little expected at the start but Berhanena Selam did it for the third time in a row. Only 13 cyclists managed to finish the 42.9km gruelling race out of 20 participants.
In 3.4km youth race that attracted 8 cyclists Kaleab Belete. Amanuel Gichew and Edom Tarekegn took from one up to three places, respectively. Of the 8 participants only one cyclist dropped half way.
In the women’s mountain bike that covered 3.9km Tigist Lema and Hana Bulbula finished first and second out of seven participants. Two pulled out of the race half way.
In the men’s 34km mountain bike Eshetu Madebo, Tamirat Tibebu and Tewodros Tadesse occupied from one up to three places, in the order of that. Of the 26 participants 22 completed the race.
The Addis Ababa Coca Cola cycling race is sponsored by Coca Cola East Africa Bottling Company.


Coach Abraham succeeds in Yemen

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Coach Abraham Mebratu guided the war torn Yemeni football side in to the Asian Cup finals.
The Yemeni side managed to reach the Asian Cup finals that will be staged in UAE following a 2-1 win over Nepal.
It may be difficult to take part in international football competition under this difficult situation but Yemen did so under the watchful eyes of Abraham for the first time.
Abraham has been in charge of the national side since March 2016.
As the war in Yemen has been raging, all home matches were played outside of the country. The decisive match against Nepal was played in Doha.

by Solomon Bekele



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