Federation offers training for Health Experts

13 Jun 2017


The Ethiopian Cycling Federation offers practical training for health experts on the area of first aid for injuries and accidents that may occur during cycling races.

The training which is given for ten days has been aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of health experts to help cyclists who face injuries during race.

Trainer and High level Health Expert in the Ministry of Youth and Sport Dr. Abayneh Shiferaw said that many accidents happen during cycling races so far and this training is helpful to give treatment at the spot. “It minimizes the risk of facing fatal consequences as a result of light injury. The new trainees possibly provide the necessary treatment on the spot,” he said.

Tsegaye Nesereab is a health expert attending the training from Tigray. He said the training is different from others in that there are specific injuries associated with cycling like fractures which needs special treatment types.

Sister Tigist Muktar is a health expert from Addis Ababa attending the training for the first time. For her Cycling accident is different from other kinds of accidents as it happens instantly so it needed to be there on the spot as life might be lost if the treatment is late.

According to the information from the Federation, Some 21 trainees from Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, Southern Nations, Nationalities an Peoples, Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian Youths Sport Academy have taken part in the training.




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