Federation works to expand Badminton amid challenges

10 Oct 2017


The Ethiopian Badminton Federation (EBF) is currently working to expand the sport across the nation and to be competitive in the Continental and International games, EBF stated.

The Federation also highlighted during its 13th General Assembly that finance, sport facilities, play grounds and backward attitude towards the sport are challenges facing the federation this time.

Federation President Gebreyesus Ayele said during the assembly that Ethiopia is in a good position in light of the continent’s rank even if there are many things yet to be done as per nation’s potential.

The president stressed that regions and all stakeholders should work hand in glove to build strong network to have public base for the sport.

Gebreyesus added that the federation has faced challenges in the areas of facility, playing fields and finance in its effort to expand the sport.

Office Head of the Federation Worknesh Tilahun said during the General Assembly meeting that shuttle time, badminton school program, disability badminton, different national and international tournaments and skill development trainings were thoroughly discussed. “Regardless of the limited finance and other bottlenecks the assembly considers the federation has registered good performance last season,” Worknesh said.

Material support from Japan and training collaborations with the World and African Badminton Federations were also complements to Federation’s performance in the last budget year.

She said adding “One of such a partnership was the recent event management course given for 13 trainees.”

The federation was also hailed for successfully organizing the 2017 International Badminton competition that drew 85 participants from India, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Zambia, Luxemburg, Algeria, Uganda, and Seychelles including the host nation Ethiopia. Among these 34 were Ethiopians.

Worknesh noted, “The tournament was the best opportunity to identify our level and share international experiences.”





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