Utilizing diaspora capital, knowledge for economic transformation Featured

12 Jul 2018

Ethiopia has launched its Diaspora policy in 2013 to enhance knowledge, boost the participation of Ethiopians in the development activities and assist technology transfer from the Diaspora of Ethiopians.
Ethiopia has an estimated three million diaspora. North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Nether- lands are countries that Ethiopians residing the most.
Education and Health are sectors highly hit by serious of brain drain. These sectors are the prime focus of the incumbent to foster the overall economic activities. Above all, the tertiary education and public structure of health are highly affected by brain drain as a result of which many professionals are preferring to go abroad seeking better job, education and livelihood.
Various studies indicate that there are significant numbers of educated Diasporas' with different knowledge and expertise. This untapped resource is believed to be able to contribute back to nations' development through transferring what they have.
Recently, health professionals have showing a tendency to work in collabo ration with the Ministry of Health in a bid to upgrade country’s health sector status through mobilizing resources.
About 300 health professionals lives in America and Europe have established a team to build specialized hospital that can deliver tertiary health services. The move is also aimed to advance service provision quality.
Upon completion, the hospital would be able to deliver foreign oriented health services which previously were given in overseas. And it can also create opport -unities for neighbor countries to utilize the service.
Professor Girma Tefera, team chairperson said that there are 38 health specialty members who developed their expertise in overseas. These profes- sionals can contribute their share via offering specialty training to health profession.
Education and excellence center of the hospital would also support the health system and modernize the status of health service provision. In collaboration with ministry of health continuous on the job training would be provided. More than 110 million US dollar has allocated to realize the planned projects.
Service provision quality constraints are clearly observed at university and specialized public hospitals. That would be the prime focus of the team in a bid to fill gaps through transferring knowledge and expertise of the diaspora to local medical professionals.
Accordingly, International Organi zation for Migration (IOM) intends to support Ethiopian qua- lified Diasporas to contribute share for the development of the key sectors by strengt hening the capacity of a limited number of strategic institutions targeting health and education sectors. Sustainable improv ements and positive change would be expected at the end of IOM project.
Here, the support of the government is vital for policy devel opment, to transfer knowledge and exp- ertise, and to provide capacity-building training to enhance the role of the Ethiopian Diasporas for national development.
Following this Dr.Amir Aman, minster at Ministry of Health has signed agreement with health professi onal team. Based on agreement corner stone has laid to build specialized hospital that would deliver services for cancer, cardiac and psychotherapy patients.


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