Need peace then prepare for war (Need development then fight poverty)

08 Oct 2017


“If you need peace, prepare for war” is so said by Americans. Obviously, ensuring peace, throughout the world, is one of the fundamental core values in securing one's country national power , sustaining development as well as reducing poverty, accelerating economic growth and improving the living standard of citizens.

Nowadays, war is not expressed solely in terms of armed clashes in the battlefield but also in terms of neck-to-neck competition in the areas of economic advancement, trade, investment and human development index in the entire world.

In order to defend the national security from outsiders, a nation should be alert and go forward in all rounded activities. In other words, the country should proceeded further in improving socioeconomic advancement by bolstering more production and productivity utilizing its physical and human resources capabilities.

Reducing the high degree of poverty rate is the cornerstone and means for improving the living standard of the general public by involving the community at grass root levels.

Also, illiteracy and shortage of skilled manpower can be hurdles that could derail advancement in economy. They could expose a nation and its citizens to instability and of insecurity. Third, lack of good- governance, absence of democracy and unavailability rule of law are sure to lead a society into social chaos and political unrest.

Poverty, unskilled manpower and maladministration are some of setbacks for prosperity and peace. Unless a country comes up with a pertinent solution for the given big problems, it may find it difficult to attain peace at national, inter-regional and continental levels. Faced with such problems, most countries, especially, Africans are seen fated to ethnicity conflicts. They are also observed bombarded by social catastrophes.

In order to secure the national power of any country, placing focus on domestic, national and international affairs is indispensable so as to maintain peace and economic development.

Observably, most African countries have encountered “ irresolvable” constraints as they are highly dependent on international organizations’ donations and as they run businesses on basis of mulitinternational cooperation as well as rely on single product, like oil, from Foreign Direct Investment(FDI).

Therefore, optimistically, in the near future Africa, particularly, Ethiopia will attain a middle-income level. The fact that Ethiopia is putting in place industrial parks nationwide and ago-processing sectors testifies the aforementioned fact. Such developmental feat is an indication for its advancement and prosperity in relation to regional and inter-regional roles. So, peace is secured by shifting the economy's pedal in a harmonious fashion.



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